Welcome to the TweetDeck Learning Guide, where I’m going to walk you through using TweetDeck and making it work for you.

If you’re new to TweetDeck one of the first things you likely noticed is the notification system. That chirp and the pop up in the top right corner can be annoying, or in some cases completely in the way of your optimal work style! No worries, we can fix that!

The first step is to find the settings menu. Above, you see your compose window. The wrench button will open up your Settings menu.

From there, you need to get to your notifications menu, which is on the right hand side of the Settings window. You should see something similar to this:

The Notifications Menu Clockwise around this control!

The top left is what kind of pop up notification you’d like. The summary just tells you which column has updates, and how many updates you have. The Detail control actually shows you the tweets themselves and lets you cycle through all of the ones pulled during the last notification period.

To the right, you have which corner of your screen you’d like the notifications to appear in. I like the top left, personally, since I work with most of my programs to the right. I also multi-task quite often, so pop ups in the bottom blocked my taskbar.

Below that is a volume control. Don’t like the chirp? Turn it to zero.

The next control determines how often you get notifications. It’s in seconds, so every 60 seconds is once a minute.

Clicking advanced options brings you to this screen. It lists every column you have on TweetDeck (I have over twenty!). You can turn off the detail, summary, or sound for any column. This is the key way to make sure you read tweets that are important to you, and ignoring the rest for when you have a spare minute. Unclick Detail to not get the full tweet popups for a particular column, the same for summary, and Alert Sound shuts off the chirp for the specific column.


This tutorial was specially assembled due to trouble @PamelaVMason was having with the notification system. She’s figured it out, but I felt you all should thank her for her troubles since it brought the information to you!