Welcome to the TweetDeck Learning Guide, where I’m going to walk you through using TweetDeck and making it work for you.

Like many programs, TweetDeck has a full suite of options that allow you to customize the experience. The Twitter settings cover the sending and reading part of your Twitter experience.

To open the options, look for the wrench button at the top right.

That will bring up the settings window. Select Twitter from the left hand side.

Show follower count in tweetsprovides a tiny number with a person’s follower count below their picture in your columns.


Hide previously sent direct messages (after restart): I honestly cannot figure out what this control does. I’ve tested it and found nothing useful about it.

Auto include hashtags when replying is a wonderfully useful feature if you participate in and hashtag conversations regularly. Anyone on #MyWANA definitely wants to turn this control on!

Enable realtime Twitter streaming updates your feeds in real time, just like it says. The downfall to this is if you follow a lot of Twitter users, you may be maxing out your API calls. If you’re regularly getting braked, turn this on to smooth out the experience.

Show in Mentions when people favorite your tweets is only available when you’re using realtime streaming. It adds to your mention column every time you get a ‘favorite.’

Show @replies from your friends to others is another control that I haven’t seen effect from.

Hide repeated retweets actually makes it so new style retweets only get fed to your columns once. If you don’t like the flurry of retweets that can happen on popular posts, this is a pretty good setting that keeps your feeds clean! Has no effect on old style retweets.

Retweet button should is a drop down control with three options:

Send without editing (New style Retweet) which does the automatic retweet like on the Twitter website.
Edit before sending (Old style Retweet) which allows you to change hashtags and clean up a tweet before retweets.
Always ask me gives you a pop-up every time you try to retweet,  giving you the greatest flexibility.

That’s all the Twitter settings, go back to the Settings list to find the other sections!