Welcome to the TweetDeck Learning Guide, where I’m going to walk you through using TweetDeck and making it work for you.

If you’re like me, you like checking out someone’s user profile before following them. After all, anyone can be lucky once, but can they be consistently interesting to read? TweetDeck offers a way to check a user profile without going to Twitter!

The first thing you need to do is click on someone’s @handle under their user picture in a tweet.

I’ve circled the exact location to make it easy to find. Clicking the handle opens the User Profile Pane (Unless you’ve selected to view profiles in browser.)

This pane gives you some cool options! At the top you have a bigger view of the user’s profile picture, above you’ll see me at Halloween two years ago, playing Hurley from Lost. Next to that, the full name of the user and their @handle.

Below that, there’s the 160 character profile followed by the user’s website. My profile links you here, so I’ll bet you probably already discovered this feature! The final part of the profile is a link to the Twitter User Profile, taking you to the in-browser version.

In the center, under the profile, but above the feed, you can see hard numbers of Followers and Following.

Next to that is a pair of menu options, Tweets (Which is the default) and Listed.

Tweets shows you a feed of that user’s tweets only, letting you preview what you’ll be adding to your feeds when you follow the person.

Listed shows you any public lists the user is on.

Finally, under the feed, you have two buttons.

The Follow/Unfollow button works just like the button on Twitter.  If you’re not following a person, clicking it will have you follow them. If you’re following them, clicking has you unfollow them.

The button of a group of people actually lets you list the person in one of your lists, or even add them to a brand new one just for them!