Headers are a very important tool in our blogging toolbox. They give our blog character, and advertise the brand of the blogger. As an author, I read a number of authors’ blogs and have found a serious problem!

Copyright flickr user pb3131. Used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License

Writers love their headers!

They make them huge, including pictures of their titles, links to blog loops, and making even the actual header for their blog over-sized!

This is great for showing off your creative side, but it misses the point. Your header is there to let people know where they are. They’re at your blog, reading content from you.

If your headers are blocking the content, it is no longer serving its intended purpose. It went from house numbers to a privacy fence.

Make no mistake, if you’re an up-and-coming author with one of these huge banners, they’re not coming to your blog for you. They want your content. Just like with commenting protections, don’t make it difficult on them!

So shrink the headers. Make a point in a smaller space. Look at some pros and semi-pros. Tentblogger has a great paid theme for WordPress. Problogger and Copyblogger both have good layout and design. Kristen Lamb and Gene Lempp both have simple and straightforward blog headers.

Just remember the general rule of the internet: readers don’t like to scroll. If I have to scroll past your header, that’s one more thing keeping me from your content!

So bring down the privacy fence, show off the content.