In the writing world, it seems a debate has been started by Kristen Lamb. The post in question is Why Writers Blogging About Writing is Bad. The post has had some follow up from Jami Gold and Austin Wulf. The comments of all three blogs are filled with discussion, so if you write and haven’t checked out this discussion, I’d suggest reading all three. If you know of any other blog posts related to this, please link them in the comments!

EDIT: It seems Chuck Wendig has weighed in on this issue. Those who know Chuck’s blog don’t need it, but the appropriateness of his blog for work is questionable. Still, go read it!

More writing advice, Alan Edwards gives his opinion on just getting it published. (Warning, language.)

Lili Tufel put her name on the line to speak out against some poor behavior on the part of writers and authors. Why do we spend so much time insulting big name authors?

Seth Godin’s blog has been wonderful this week, so wonderful I even managed a blog post based on one of them! In case anyone missed mine, here’s his.

I was shared a very cool gallery website from a Hollywood concept artist. For some very breathtaking pieces inspired by Virgil’s Divine Comedy, check out Wayne Barlowe. (Warning, some images are graphic.)

Since I’m a gamer, I always look for ways to improve my games, and Sly Flourish provided a video demonstration of his traveling DM kit, but it includes and absolutely spectacular idea for tracking initiative, one of my all too common headaches!