I mentioned it a few weeks ago, and some of you may have noticed the image in the side bar, but I’m joining ROW-80!

For those who don’t know what ROW-80 is, it’s a goal based writing activity similar in nature to National Novel Writing Month, except developed to keep the habit of writing going all year long. It’s also designed to avoid burnout by letting the participants set the goals and change them if need be.

My goal for the round of words is going to be 30,000. Yes, it’s a paltry amount, but I am out of the habit of daily writing, so want to work myself up to the prolific levels I was at once upon a time. To break down what 30,000 words in 80 days comes out to: Just over 500 words every weekday through the course of the event. It also doesn’t include blog posts in my case.

I only want to work weekdays so I can have time off to do research, spend time with my family, and game when appropriate. These are the things that keep me writing, so letting them atrophy is a dangerous proposition for my goal.

Who else is joining in this round?