Since I’ve been talking about board games, I’m going to share an article from one of the better board game blogs I get pointed at regularly. The Board Game Family is all about board games as bonding, which makes them awesome in my mind. They posted recently about investments, and particularly the time and money that goes into board gaming. Good thoughts.

Finally got into Google+ this week, and upon trying out the Sparks feature was given this remarkable article from the Guardian: Writing is bad for you. Amusing and apt appraisal of the condition of writers.

Oh, and how about why ten well known writing rules are wrong?

Some interesting side benefits to blogging from Pretty Opinionated.

Twitter news! They may be adding third party applications, such as games, to twitter. And maybe talking to Google to have Tweets archived and searchable on Google. Source.

Kristine Schachinger talks about the looming future of Twitter. I just hope her predictions are wrong. Of course, I say this and find news that the FTC is investigating Twitter.

Another piece of news, though it may be less news to someone who deals with the public school system more often. Apparently schools are phasing out cursive?