So, I missed the first check in, mostly because I was unaware it was on a Wednesday. Technically, this is supposed to go up Sunday, but I’m an oddball and prefer to keep Sunday for my mash-up.

So, this week, I’m behind my goal by 1200 words, mostly due to feeling terrible early in the week. Excuse past now, and my last three writing days have had marked improvement each day, to the point of beating my daily word goal by over 300 words yesterday!

For this week, I have managed 1367 words. I should be at 2625 by my spreadsheet’s calculations. Those 1300 words completed the first draft of my latest short story, which is now in a file awaiting its turn for editing. From there I moved on to the prewriting for a project I will be working with a former employer on. More news on that when there’s more news to give.

Now, because I don’t believe in talking about myself for 300 words, and I love giving you guys things you can use, I have a little gift! The graphs above were made using an Excel spreadsheet. I’ve turned said spreadsheet into a pair of templates that anyone is welcome to. They’re available in both Open Office* and Excel 2007/2010 formats. Download your copy below!

Excel: ROW80 Workbook

Open Office: ROW80 Workbook

All you need to do is open the document and follow the instructions on the front page. The entire document is protected except for data entry fields, so don’t worry about messing it up!

*Woohoo, found a host that seems respectable. Download open office version now.