I figured separating the news into its own post is better for you guys who actually care about what’s going on around here!

I’ve been putting in some thought, and my blog is going to go through a brief redesign. This is going to include: a new theme, possibly a new banner, a new title, the categories will get cleaned up, and some new links in the sidebars and the tabs. In general, I’m looking to improve for you guys, so now’s the time to put your voice in!

For theme, I’m considering using Chateau Light with a deep purple accent color. If anyone’s curious, purple is my favorite color, especially that deep amethyst tone you only get in high quality specimens of the stone.

I’m going to have a friend put together a banner, if she’s so inclined, she’s done some cover work if you’d like to see them.

My categories are getting reduced! While I like my TweetDeck tutorials category, it’s really not that useful, considering I keep a page for you guys just above. I’ll also be removing Blog Mash-ups as its own category, moving my Research posts under Writing, and reducing many of the writing sub-categories. Oh, and ROW-80 is getting pulled into its own Category and renamed to Goals. This way I can use that tag for more than just ROW-80!

I’ll be adding links to all of my social media profiles.

As for pages, expect a better About page, and an Information page with news on the blogs copyright and licensing, my disclosure page, and a page about guest posts!

So the question to all of you is, what do you think of these changes? Anything I’m forgetting? Anything I shouldn’t change? I’d love some feedback!