So here we are, biweekly check in number three.

My total words for ROW-80 now comes to 3483 words, with 1100 if them written just yesterday! Part of this is in thanks to a great hangout on Google+ with some awesome folks. Don’t underestimate what even a virtual write-in can do for your word count! This count also puts me only a few hundred words behind track.

Since last check in, I have finished my initial proposal documentation for my collaboration project, still waiting to get a hold of my partner to know what he thinks.

From there, I moved on to my Novel in Progress that’s been sitting in the outline stage for a month or two now waiting for me to get into a position to work on it again. Now’s the time. I’m writing a bunch of character prewrites, basically trying out the primary characters and getting to know them and their voices and finding something that works. It should definitely make the actual novel writing go more swiftly.

Also, remember to check out my last check-in and get your writing workbook if you’d like a quick and easy way to track your progress for ROW-80!