Welcome to the TweetDeck For Chrome Learning Guide! This series is dedicated to breaking down all of the functions of TweetDeck for Chrome. If you’re not using TweetDeck for Chrome, go back to the TweetDeck Learning Guide and pick your version!

Once you’ve logged in to TweetDeck a side pane opens up asking you to add your accounts, if you haven’t already.

To add, click the + Add New Account button at the bottom of the column.

Pick your service (Facebook will also be there if you haven’t already added a Facebook account) and link through the API. This will vary depending on your network, but can be as simple as approving with a button press or using your username and password for the service.

Once you have accounts added it automatically loads three columns for you. Home, Me, and Inbox.

These three columns are Merged Columns and give you an overall feed for all accounts connected to your TweetDeck account.


Home covers your News Feed from Facebook accounts and your Timeline from your Twitter accounts. It weaves them together so you get all information in one place.


The Me column brings notifications from Facebook and @Mentions from Twitter. Again, it weaves them together chronologically, so everything is in one place.


Inbox is where your Direct Messages from Twitter and messages from Facebook go. Works the same as Home and Me.

You’ve now set up your TweetDeck for Chrome, next time, we’ll explore adding columns to improve usability.