Welcome to the TweetDeck For Chrome Learning Guide! This series is dedicated to breaking down all of the functions of TweetDeck for Chrome. If you’re not using TweetDeck for Chrome, go back to the TweetDeck Learning Guide and pick your version!

One you’ve logged in and have your columns visible you can start tweeting. First step, click on the Compose box at the top of the screen.

This will expand, giving you a box very similar to the desktop application‘s compose window.

Start typing out your tweet in the box and the character counter in the bottom right of the text field will let you know if your tweet is too long. You can add your location or media with the buttons to the left of that.

Below the text field you see a list of possible accounts to post from. In my case, you see my Twitter account, my Facebook account, my Facebook page, and a series of Facebook Groups I’m a part of.

After selecting the account, or accounts, that you’d like to use, hit send to send it to Twitter. You’ve now sent a Tweet from TweetDeck For Chrome.