So, I disappeared last week, as I’m sure everyone has noticed. I accidentally spilled a glass of ice water on my computer on Thursday morning, which put me out of easy contact with the world (I’m a picky computer user, it’s taken me years to get my computer habits ‘just so’ and no one else seems to share my particular efficiency pattern. Go figure.)

The computer is operating fine, minus a few interesting glitches. I also backed up all of my writing before I went into lock down, just to be safe.

What this means, unfortunately, is that I have not written anything, blog or fiction, for four days! This puts me 1800 words behind my ROW-80 goal.

In other news, my baby sister is in town with her betrothed, they’re getting hitched on Saturday, so maybe my word count goals need to be reappraised. Will solve later.

This week, I want to get you guys another Tweet Deck tutorial, a new game post, both this check in, and one on Thursday, and a post on Friday. This is on top of my daily goals! The things I do for you people.

So that makes this my July 31 check-in, how’s everyone else faring?