Welcome to the TweetDeck For Chrome Learning Guide! This series is dedicated to breaking down all of the functions of TweetDeck for Chrome. If you’re not using TweetDeck for Chrome, go back to the TweetDeck Learning Guide and pick your version!

After you’re comfortable with the defaults and you’re sending tweets, you can start customizing TweetDeck to maximize your experience. The key method for that is adding columns!

The first step is to open the TweetDeck menu in the upper right. This shows you a number of options for columns to add. The top is Trends.

Opening this section gives you the Worldwide Trends, just like the ‘Trending Topics’ section of the Twitter website. If you’d like, you can click the ‘Worldwide’ drop down and view local trends based on location. It only offers major cities, though.

The next option is Merged Columns. These are the three default columns that combine all of your feeds into a single sorted feed.

Below that, you have your accounts, which allow you to create a column for any of your lists, or default columns, for example Direct Messages. Just click on the one you want, then hit the ‘Add Column’ button.

The final way to add columns is simply the Search function. Type in your search term, choose tweets or Twitter users, and then Add column.

To rearrange columns is simple, hover over the top right corner of the column you want to move and hit the wrench icon. After the column is in edit mode, click and drag the column to its desired position.

There you go. You can now customize your TweetDeck for Chrome!