So, fresh announcement from Fantasy Flight Games: the rumors of the game license for the Star Wars universe being on the market were true, and the rumor that FFG was buying them is confirmed. Interestingly, the licenses fall across the entire spectrum of games, so we should be seeing a lot of use out of this license.

One of the games announced so far is a miniatures game called X-Wing, which seems to be a space combat game pitting an X-Wing player against a TIE Fighter player. It claims various scenarios and a few hints at game play. I take any comment of ‘fast and intuitive’ rules from Fantasy Flight with a grain of salt, but I hope they surprise me. This will include miniatures, which is a win, as one thing I won’t fault FFG on is their production values. Their games are pretty.

I’ll admit now, I’m a sucker for space combat, and so I’ll try this regardless of rules quality. I might not play it for a long time, but I will try it.

The other game, and this one excites me quite a bit, is a Star Wars Living Card Game. For those who haven’t experienced LCGs, a living card game is like a Trading Card Game in that you can customize the deck of cards you bring to the table, but unlike its cousin, an LCG sells cards in fixed parts, allowing you to buy only what you want.

The game itself looks like it will have a similar game play to the Lord of the Rings LCG, which is an absolutely beautiful choice. Lord of the Rings is cooperative, challenging, and seems to have deep game play. The article about the Star Wars game mentions having multiple zones for your characters to operate in, which is intriguing to me, so I can’t wait to try this one out!

Any other Star Wars nuts (Or ex-Star Wars nuts) who are curious about these games?