Welcome to the TweetDeck For Chrome Learning Guide! This series is dedicated to breaking down all of the functions of TweetDeck for Chrome. If you’re not using TweetDeck for Chrome, go back to the TweetDeck Learning Guide and pick your version!

By now, you’ve been using TweetDeck for a while, tweeting and using columns. Now, you need to get social for read. This tutorial covers the quick options for interacting with others on Twitter.

When you hover your cursor under the avatar in any tweet, you see these symbols appear.

The Reply button inserts the user’s @handle into the compose window, allowing you to immediately type up a response to the Tweet.

The Favorite button adds the Tweet to your favorites.

The Retweet button brings up the tweet in the compose window, giving you an option to send as is, or edit the tweet.

The More Options button opens up a submenu with a number of other tweet options.

The message button adds the Word Message and the users @handle to the compose window. This is how you send Direct Messages.

The Creat Link button is actually kind of need. It inserts “RE url” into the compose window. The url is a shortened address directly to the tweet.

 Email status opens your email productivity software (Outlook in my case) with the Tweet, a link, and a sent via message.

Translate the tweet into your local language (Based on your TweetDeck settings.)

The Block button adds the user to your block list, making them invisible to you.

The Report for Spam button blocks the user and flags the account for spam, allowing Twitter to investigate.

That’s the social controls, we’ll cover other ways to interact with others when I cover the profile pane. Go back to the TweetDeck Guide to find other tutorials!