Starting this week, I’m changing my schedule around a little bit! I’m going to update you all on my ROW-80 goals on Sunday, and open up Monday to more content. It’ll be sporadic until I find an interesting theme, but for now, just know something will go there!

So this week, I seem to have recovered from my slump. I’ve broken 10,000 words over all, and my WIP is at 6500 and on the cusp of the Second Plot Point.

One thing I’ve found interesting is my WIP’s antagonist has only been in two scenes, her place as an antagonist set via dialogue between other characters. It’s very interesting to explore this, where I don’t need to produce the antagonist again and again, and still have her drive the character arc of the protagonist.

And on to the weekly mash-up!

Nancy Kelly with an excellent post at Indie Jane. Why a writer shouldn’t be ashamed of making money.

Tentblogger has a great new post on his blog, listing a number of quotes he’s found inspiring. This is a great list.

Manon Eileen produces another fascinating post on Neuropsychology.

The news is going around, but the Agency 5 and Apple apparently are going to be dealing with anti-trust litigation. Link to the Passive Voice, as his contract breakdowns are always informative, so his opinion on legal matters is always interesting to me.

Spoilers may not spoil anything.

Flexible circuits that can be applied to skin. A couple of thoughts on this: somehow I have a feeling that this will become our new national id cards eventually, and one of my old science teachers is going to say that this is the coming of the Antichrist.