So, got the latest Kindle Direct Publishing Newsletter and it included a very cool announcement for anyone considering the indie route.

Amazon now has an Indie Bookstore on their website, letting the Indie books compete against each other more directly. This should create some interesting ability for indies to make themselves even more known in the competitive marketplace.

The page even has a Featured Author, which I want to look into how they determine who gets featured. I assume it’s related to sales and Amazon approaches the authors.

The other news shouldn’t be surprising if you use the Kindle app on the iOS. The new Amazon Cloud Reader will let you read your library on any device, instead of having to sync regularly. Neat, but just a tiny sub-note in this conversation.

I really like that the Amazon Kindle Indie Bookstore is a thing. It’s the kind of thing the Indie community has needed to make it possible to have some sort of curating to help readers find books that are worth the read. It still doesn’t fix the ‘someone still has to take a chance the first time’ problem, but that may be a hill the authors will need to find a way over themselves.

What are your thoughts on this development?