So, I’m writing this post from the cafeteria of my college. Classes start today!

I plan on keeping my blog going in the mean time, so keep expecting updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Because I hate posting without content, here’s another quote from Seth Godin:

The short-term capitalist is betting that someone else will clean it up.

One of the worst things you can call a business person, I think, is a short-term capitalist. He selfishly takes for now and fails to contribute in return.

The internet has opened two doors. First, it’s easier than ever to do the short-term thing, anonymously if you choose, with a big splash, internet ads, eBay scams and more. On the other hand, since there’s a revolution going on, it’s also easier than ever to build something that matters, something that lasts.

The thing to remember about the short-term is that we’ll almost certainly be around when the long-term shows up.