Another Monday, two more classes. My Technical Writing class is producing an amusing amount of inspiration for future posts, so expect some writing and blogging themed posts in the near future. Accounting isn’t until tonight, but I just got the new book, which means I can finish the course this semester.

An interesting side note, Seth Godin seems to have excellent posts every Monday, which gives me the opportunity to share some of his thoughts with you.

His post, The warning signs of defending the status quo on his blog has some extraordinary points for thought leaders of all stripes, but some key points that I think speak to the cultural climate we live in today:

– Undercut the credibility, authority or experience of people behind the change?

– Grab onto the rare thing that could go wrong instead of amplifying the likely thing that will go right?

Personally, I know I’m always worrying about the worst possibility, which I’ve now been proven time and again that taking chances is the best plan. Reaching for the best result means I’ll either get what I’m wanting, or I fail and find out where I can improve.

How about you? Do you have a habit of worrying about the risk instead of pushing for the best possibility?