Welcome to Blog Killers, the ‘what not to do’ guide to blogging. Breaking one of these rules might be forgivable, but breaking too many is a sure way to get me to remove your blog from my regular rounds.

Have you ever been linked to a blog for a ‘great article’ and you can’t find where the post is? There’s banners and gadgets and pictures . . . but where’s the post? Sloppy design is one thing, but making the content hard to find is a killer!

I’ve talked about this before, but you need to make it as easy as possible to find and view your content. I’m a huge fan of minimalist themes that put the content front and center, and the only gadgets I like to use make finding content or contacting me easier.

Another point in blog design theory which got touched on by Tentblogger is sidebar positioning. He’s experimenting with right hand sidebars, which is something I’ve grown to love. It puts the content of the page as the first thing your eye sees as you skim ‘reading style’ down the page. I won’t say left hand is wrong, but I have a personal bias towards right.

I also touched on meta-tags and their use. If you blog doesn’t have categories, tags or labels are an unfortunate necessity, but remember, you don’t need more than one or two per post! You just want the content organized for your readers, the tags won’t help with search engine optimization.

Finally, remember to shrink the header, make it so the content is front and center!