A common desire I hear among Browncoats is that many of them would love to see a continuation of the Firefly series. Bring as much of the crew back and continue the story where it left off, with the after-effects of the truth about the Reavers being released to the Alliance at large and a few members of the crew dead and gone.

A few years ago, I would have agreed. I love the crew, and Serenity. The universe was interesting, and the characters memorable. A great sci-fi to get addicted to.

Recently, though, I’ve felt that a continuation of the series would be a disservice to the fans and the story itself.

Hear me out before you crucify me!

These characters have gone through what approximates an appropriate ending. Each has gone through their character arcs in some form or another. Mal is more content, Zoey softened a bit, River has come to terms with her existence. They’ve struck a blow against the Alliance government and made a new friend in the process. Even if they continued the series, it’d be much different post Serenity than before it.

Beyond that, times have changed. Firefly had a bit to say about people in general, something a lot of the fans could identify with. I think in some ways, the real world is slowly starting to reflect the series in its own ways, and problems we couldn’t really imagine have taken root. A continuation would have to take into account these new problems to keep the setting as powerful as it was.

These two problems make me feel a continuation of Firefly now would only harm how we view the series. I’d rather it rest as an amazing story and move on to a new story to love.

Of course, you never leave Serenity.