Why is it so many gamers are okay with despicable things “because they’re not real”? I’ve heard abuse, rape, murder all justified by gamers, and seen worse talked about online.

To the point, I just got out of a conversation with a fellow about Fallout 2. I’ve never played the game, but I’ve seen some Let’s Plays and heard it talked about. I’m really not interested. This conversation sealed that opinion a little tighter.

This gamer mentioned one of the highlights of the game for him is where you’re allowed to trick a young woman into sexual relations. The fallout of this event includes the ability to murder the girl afterwards, accept a shotgun wedding, and running from the town altogether. A follow up to killing the girl, or letting her die, you can talk to her father and tell him that she’s dead. He apparently dies of a heart attack on the spot.

Why is this a highlight of the game? This is a horrible thing to do, and a horrible thing to hold on a pedestal!

I don’t mind ‘bad’ choices being available in a game. The option is what allows us to decide what is good and evil and to walk a path of our choosing. The key is these choices should all have consequences of some sort.

An example that I liked is the choices and consequences in Mass Effect. There’s a non-player character in that game named Conrad who declares himself your biggest fan. Depending on how you handle him in the first game, you find out what happened to him in the second game. If you treat him badly, he tries to go out and be a hero like you, to prove to you he’s capable. The unfortunate consequence of this is that he likely ends up dead because of it. If you convince him to go home, though, he survives.

Games need choice, I won’t deny it, but they also need to have consequence. So let’s stop being shitty gamers and demand the choices be as grave as they should be, and not horrible things dressed up for amusement.