Welcome to Blog Killers, the ‘what not to do’ guide to blogging. Breaking one of these rules might be forgivable, but breaking too many is a sure way to get me to remove your blog from my regular rounds.

I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, but design can make or break a blog. Bad design covers a lot of things, from organization to color choices to fonts.


How you organize things on your site is important for getting people to explore more of your content besides what they got linked to. Make it easy. Use categories, make a page with your blog series, make sure your archive is well organized. Make it easy to find information your readers are interested in.


I couldn’t even begin to approach a full discussion of colors and how different combinations hurt or help. The big thing is to remember to have some sort of contrast between your text and background, and that the colors you use compliment each other. Buy yourself a color wheel if you’re unsure.


Look, there are more fonts than I can count out there in the world. Some are awesome, some are plain, and some are just outright unreadable. There’s a lot of debate about if you should use serif or sans serif fonts. The key is, do your research, and get some trusted friends to comment about the one you use. (And don’t use Papyrus or Comic Sans. Seriously.)


I keep coming back to this. Look, the header is there for your blog brand, but if it overtakes your content you’ll be seen as a lot of flash and not a lot of substance.

Some other design no-nos: moving gif backgrounds, mouse trails, music that cannot be muted, generally, don’t make your blog look like an early MySpace page.