Welcome to Blog Killers, the ‘what not to do’ guide to blogging. Breaking one of these rules might be forgivable, but breaking too many is a sure way to get me to remove your blog from my regular rounds.

You must realize, your readers don’t care about you. They care about what you’re offering them. Generally, that falls into a small number of categories:


Some people’s blogs are all about the fun. Either telling amusing stories, or getting people involved in a great hobby. If you’re there to entertain, make sure there’s something entertaining!


Perhaps your blog is for educating? Specialized knowledge that you’ve taken the time to learn that your readers don’t want to have to do themselves. If that’s the case, obviously, your information has to be up to snuff.


This is the weird one, the anomaly, and yet it’s the core of most blogs. People want to get together with people with similar interests. Like attracts like. This is less about what you talk about than how. Remember, you have readers, and they matter. They want to interact with you, too!

So keep these things in mind while you’re writing. These three are the point. Make sure you have one when you write, and you’ll find your readers much more engaged with your content, and not removing them from their feeds wondering ‘why did I read them in the first place?’

How will you deliver a point to your readers?