I just know you worry about traffic. So do I. I know even the probloggers consider their traffic regularly.

Generally, that concern is about making the traffic go up.

I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret. First, let’s talk about the major ways you develop traffic.


Consistent content always grows your traffic over time. Keep putting out your regular posts and more and more people will end up there. Besides improving your score in search engines, coming back again and again develops a habit in your readers. Trust me, I’ve got blogs I don’t even like anymore that I read every time they post!

Improving your blogging by developing your craft is another thing, as it gets more people who visit the first time to come back the second time.

Social Networking

Developing your network and making sure they know you blog also increases traffic. My blogs go out to Twitter and Facebook every time I publish. I get some frequent traffic from these sharing events, and it’s not to be underestimated.


Search Engine Optimization is the practice of writing posts so that search engines rate you higher for the topic of the posts. This takes practice, and a lot of study. It’s worth it though, because search engine hits make up almost a third of my daily traffic.

The Silver Bullet

Want to know what gives me the most significant boosts in traffic on a day to day basis? It’s none of the above, but it’s related to all of them.

I spend time on other blogs, and interact with the blogosphere.

Think about. Bloggers each have a sphere of influence with their readers. You becoming one of their readers, and leaving insightful and helpful comments gets you noticed by those bloggers. Getting to know them, and consistently delivering quality content, be it comments or blog posts, will get them sharing your information with their readers. And some of their readers will come seek you out because of your interesting comments.

It is not uncommon for my days without posts to be much more active because I spend those days seeking out content for my use, and adding to the conversation where I can.

So get out there, comment more, other bloggers will love you.

So bloggers, what actions have you found improve your traffic?