Over the weekend, I did something I probably shouldn’t have.

It isn’t going to hurt anyone, mentally, physically, or emotionally. It won’t even hurt the man’s career. But I did say it, and had my reasons.

In public, I referred to a popular author as a hack. Not because I think he’s bad at what he does. I called him a hack because he was taking time to insult the work of another multiple bestseller.

While I don’t like this author’s works, he is a genre writer with a huge following. He knew what his audience wanted and delivered exactly that. I was not part of that audience. The author he was criticizing was similar. She wrote a specific genre series and delivered exactly what her audience wanted. In other words, there was very little difference between the two of them.

But this post isn’t about the authors, it’s about the fans. Me openly criticizing their favorite author got me called, among other things, a Furry Fapper, an idiot, a worthless human being.

Tell me, people, what the hell is this about? Why is your identity so wrapped up in his work that any challenge sets you on edge?

So, readers, the authors I’m discussing? Stephen King and Stephanie Meyer. To both of them: I wish very long careers and I hope they both continue to keep people reading, even if I don’t like them much.

So, readers, do you read any ‘hack’ authors religiously? I’ll admit to one of my guilty pleasures: Dean Koontz.  Have you read his Frankenstein trilogy yet? I absolutely love it.