How many of you remember Lego?

These blocks contributed to the largest containers of toys as I was growing up, and my brother and I built all sorts of things. Including making our own games of various types.

The Lego Hadron Collider

If only I could make something like this. . .

Now Lego makes board games!

The one I want to discuss today is Creationary.

Creationary is a party game using Legos. Using cards with various images on it, the turn player tries to build one of the images out of Legos so any other player can guess. If someone guesses, both the person who got it right and the builder get a point. Whoever gets five or ten points first wins!

CreationaryThe game takes the best part of Apples to Apples with the creativity of Pictionary, and then takes away any complaint I could have with either of the aforementioned games. The luck factor is minimized into choosing your category (Or possibly doubling the worth of a card!). Because you don’t have Apples to Apples limitation of only offering what’s in hand, you end up with a bit more chaotic table. Then because it’s just a point game, instead of a roll and move with a caveat, it’s got a leg up on Pictionary.

I definitely recommend this for families, but it goes beyond that. If you just like Legos, this is high on my buy list.

Your turn, what’s your favorite Lego memory?