So, I mentioned it already because the hook blew my mind. Now I’ve finished the book and would like to comment on the whole product.

As should be apparent from my last post, Petra Wade has dreams of being a ticker engineer. Her dream meets her up with Emmeritch, a young Guild engineer with a secret project. Together they design a machine with the potential to revolutionize the world, while dealing with the blossoming romance between them.

It’s a book almost anyone can find something to enjoy in. The romance plot is tightly woven, and completely relevant to the plot. There’s a conspiracy with far reaching consequences. Then you have Petra’s own rags-to-riches dreams. Brooke even fits in some commentary on class differences that are all the more current with the recent protests.

While I enjoyed the prose and overall plot, that’s not to say that it was without some weak areas. The ending itself could have been restructured, as it stands it’s a bit sloppy. Some of the elements of the plot are introduced very late so that their over all impact is more forced on the reader than discovered.

Even with these weaknesses, there’s a lot I loved. The first line hooked me for the ride, and the last paragraphs left me waiting for the sequel. My definite suggestion: read this book.

You can find Brooke at her blog or Twitter; and The Clockwork Giant at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords.