So, school started Monday! I’m already experiences system shock coming off the winter break into my heaviest course load yet! (17 credits, 5 classes, 2 online, 2 accelerated.)

On Monday, my brother (Who’s starting his first semester) and I carpooled together, and had some time around lunch to go hang out at the local hobby shop. Glad I got to go, I’ve been needing a good ol’ fashioned gaming fix!

Got to play two new games, one is Quarriors, a ‘dice builder’ game. Rooted in the ‘deck builder‘ genre, it uses dice instead of cards to run the game.

Each turn you pull out a hand of dice, roll them, and use any Quiddity you roll to summon creatures and buy new dice. On subsequent turns, any monsters you still have in play score for glory, and you get to return any one die from your discard pile to the center of the table.

It’s definitely a lot of fun, but it ends really abruptly (My brother and I both won one game with ten point swings). That said, it’s a lot of fun if you can get over the crazy randomization!

The other game was Penny Arcade: Gamers versus Evil!

This game reminded me of Dominion meets Ascension. There’s a set of stacks of cards to buy from, but instead of a single currency, you have two: Tokens and Power. You buy various items, play them out each turn, and try to beat two bosses, one green, one red. Their loot are some of the best cards you can get, with some pretty cool effects.

The various bosses are The Cardboard Tube Samurai with the Virtues of the Cardboard Tube loots, Santa Clause, Satan, and Dark Tycho.

The game is very slick, and anyone who is a fan of Penny Arcade will find plenty to like. We found that a lot of the cards seem to combo with themselves very strongly, and if you don’t fight for them, your opponent can do some disgusting things with them. The game is fast, and the cards themselves are slick looking. Cryptozoic, the publisher, definitely has style.

So those are my newest game experiences, what are yours?