Got to love the college experience.

You get to pick the order you take classes. You’re only answering to yourself. In the modern age, you can take classes in hugely different formats, from straight web, to in-class, to some combination. And you can get yourself in deep water without a life guard.

So, it’s my fourth semester working on my associates degree. My degree requires about 80 credits total, so for a two year degree, I need to take 20 a semester. Throw that on top of a part time job and two kids and you can guess what my response was!

I took a more manageable course load when I started. 5 classes, two of them accelerated so I only had four classes at a time. A full, but fairly balanced load of classwork. After that, I took four for my next two semesters.

This semester, because I needed one extra class to graduate next semester, I decided to go with five classes again. Except now I’m taking some difficult classes. Things like business law and network administration. And instead of taking my accelerated courses at separate time, I front loaded the classes.

It’s been a week, and I think I deserve the karmic punishment that is coming my way.

My accelerated courses have me testing or turning in semimajor projects every week! That’s on top of the normal course load I get from my full length classes!

So how about you, have you ever bitten off more than you can chew, in school or life?