As a heavy, shy kid, I hated dancing. And my church held youth dances every two weeks! Imagine being a wallflower when you meet hundreds of other teens bi-weekly! I remember some older girls from my local church trying to convince me to get into it. They worked for years and never managed to get me into dancing.

I’ve told you before about my abuse experience. I’ll just make it clear that that came after a long downward trend for me. Good relationship choices aren’t something I got known for.

Obviously, life is getting better. A lot better, actually. I’m well on my way to an Associates degree after being deemed a high school drop out by the government. I’ve created a blog I’m really proud of. I’ve made some great friends in WANA, and rebuilt friendships that had a rough time during my marriage.

But the greatest sign that I see myself in a new light: I’m listening to some great music, and I want to dance. Not kinda move to the music to avoid feeling like a fool. I want friends and dancing. And I can’t imagine a better thing to feel.

How about you, what is it that makes you realize that you feel amazing about yourself?