I talked about these bills before, and I’ve made the decision to join the protests tomorrow. For now, you get the banner, but from 8 AM tomorrow, I will have this page blacked out until 8 PM.

The banner you see now will be visible until January 24.

Want to get involved yourself?

If you’re hosted her on wordpress.com, go to your dashboard and check the Settings tab. You’ll see a Protest Sopa option. That has the options for both the banner and the black out.

Self hosted, or on blogger?

How to Strike. The Javascript is time sensitive, so all you need to do is copy it into your blog template. If you’re worried, just save your template to a safe place before inserting the script, and upload that ‘clean’ version when the protest is over.

Additional option care of Laird Sapir: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sopa-blackout/ This one is for wordpress.org blogs.