Thanks to Out of the Box Games for the image!

Book the trip! Plan a ten day escapade through Africa (Or Asia, or America, or Europe). Travel to adjacent countries by walking, cross through countries in a car, or fly between connected countries with planes.

Be the first to plan a legal trip, and you win!

A turns game play is simple: Pick a card from the top of one of three discard piles, or draw from the face down deck, and use it to replace one of your planned travel days. Then you discard the replaced card and play moves to the next person.

10 Days in Africa is really what I want when it comes to ‘lightweight’ fare. It has a definite relationship to Rummy, in that you’re building a specific hand to win with, but the fact that the order of your hand is important really makes the strategy interesting. Having to ask yourself ‘Is it worth risking this card?’ when it’s pretty good definitely adds some tension to the game.

The components are all nice: four wooden card holders, a nice board with a map of the continent you’re playing on, and heavy duty cards. Not a game I’d worry about breaking down after a few plays.

In all, definitely a game to try if you haven’t yet!