Before I get into discussing the VBA, I want to thank those who thought of me when they passed it on:

Laird Sapir, one of my favorite new tweeps. Totally into the tech, and is getting me involved in web applications I’ve stayed away from for various reasons. Check her blog out here.

Another nomination came from Debra Kristi, who I will sheepishly admit I’m not totally familiar with her blog. I’ve seen her around, and I know I’ve read her blog, and a quick skim reveals some interesting stuff, but I could not sum her up very well. Debra, we obviously need to talk!

On to the Girls with Pens, Marcy and Lisa. Some awesome writing advice, some great ladies, totally check them out!

Next, a nomination came from SJ Driscoll, who’s blog is often personal and offers some great insights into life.

Finally, I got another nomination from Kristy Lyseng. I haven’t read her blog, yet, but I’m thankful for the nomination anyway!

Now, those familiar with Versatile blogger know there’s some requirements, and I’ll be a good sport and offer my seven things, but I’m actually going to not pass it on to fifteen other bloggers.

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain why. The current structure of the Versatile Blogger Award, and the many awards like them, create a ‘chain letter’ like effect, and go a step further to create a social incentive to follow through with recognizing 15 other bloggers, regardless of quality! And what do you do if you’re nominated a second time? 15 different bloggers? Or do you retread, and pass that quandary on to the next bloggers in line?

I like the idea of recognizing other bloggers for great content and great blogs. But I have methods in place for doing just that! My weekly blog mash up sharing the great posts of each week. My twitter stream shares some great posts. See my sparse Follow Friday recommendations. These people are the ones I’m encouraging you, my readers, to check out.

Now, on to the seven facts about me:

  1. I don’t drink milk. I drink chocolate milk, but plain milk isn’t something I like, and refuse to drink. By extension, I rarely eat cold cereal.
  2. I’ve owned three cars. The first was a Chevy S-10 from ’89, another was a Chevy Nova (I don’t remember the year. . .), and my current vehicle is a Honda Accord from ’93 that’s falling apart.
  3. I’ve read Jonathon Livingston Seagull at least a dozen times in my life, the first time for a book report in the third grade.
  4. I don’t really have ‘favorite’ pieces of media. Lots of things I love, but I’m always unsure of how to pick out of them.
  5. I’m totally into independent anything: films, games, books, comics. But not to the exclusion of the main stream forms of the media.
  6. I actually like playing with spreadsheets.
  7. This is actually my fourth blog!

Thanks again for the nomination, and I hope everyone goes back and checks out those who nominated me!