Great piece of advice from Mental Skillness: Rubber Bouncy Balls

Gabriela Pereira talks about the five stages of writers block, and shares a piece of wonderful advice.

Laura E. Bradford, a member of my personal writing circle, comments on Esme Weijun Wang’s “Things I Have Done Alone.” While I felt Things I Have Done Alone was interesting, it was Esme’s blog that really made me fall in love with her voice. For the record, Laura’s guest post here was modeled on Things I Have Done Alone.

Janice Hardy talks about Man vs Society and ways to implement it in fiction. I was drawn to this one specifically because my WIP has some institutionalized outlooks, primarily class definition, and gender roles, that my characters face head on. Thanks, Janice, and everyone else go check it out!

Chuck Wendig’s 25 Things series continues with 25 Things I Want to Say to So-Called “Aspiring” Writers.

Eileen Young, my wonderful editor, has a post on fan-fiction, specifically in response to another author demonizing fan-works. Check it out, then go back and check out her guest post!

Slacker Heroes has an examination of why Luna Lovegood should have been Harry’s main squeeze.