The last two months, I’ve been in one of Kristen Lamb‘s blogging classes. This was a large group, and you’ve met a few of them as guests here. There’s some cool stuff I’ve gotten from the class, but I’ll cover that a little later.

Kristen teaches what she calls the ‘WANA method’ after her book We Are Not Alone. It’s a good method, and takes the best parts of social media networking and marketing and delivers a great look at what writers specifically, and creative entrepreneurs in general, needs to be doing to expand their fan bases.

An important aspect of WANA is being yourself. Remarkably, it’s not the only group that teaches this fairly basic idea. Another one is Nerdfighteria, ‘headed’ by the Green brothers, John and Hank.

Nerdfighteria has a slogan that means a lot to me: Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, often shared as DFTBA. The big thing is what is awesome? What’s it really mean?

I’ll start with a quote from John Green, stolen lovingly from Christin Terrill’s blog (Which she got from a Tumblr. Please check both out!):

This definitely starts describing awesome to me. Being able to like something so much it puts off those who don’t understand is a kind of blessing. I have a friend who complains that I spend a lot of time with a critic hat on, shifting through books and stories and movies and games. She thinks it’s a sad life to not be able to ‘simply enjoy.’ The thing is: That’s how I like things. The more I like something, the more critically I’ll examine it, because the closer I look, the more amazing the best things are!

But it’s more than that. As Christin talked about on her blog, being able to just be you, unashamed, uncensored. That’s awesome. I’ve talked about some pretty heavy topics on this blog that were very sensitive topics in my life. And you guys were simply awesome every time!

So, in an effort to be awesome (And share that awesome with all of you) one of the things Kristen offered her students was log-line suggestions for their blogs. Obviously I have one, and made up my whole blog to match it. You know, “A Digital Magician.” I loved the title, especially because it came out organically. But something about me: I like change. Developing this blog is definitely a hobby, and so seeing about changing the look, and the log line, and even my categories is something I do every now and then.

So, instead of leaving the decision just to me, I’m going to ask my readers, which of these log lines do you like best? Answer the poll below!

Please comment on why you liked your choice, or maybe you have a better idea?