A few weeks ago, Republican Senator Rick Santorum was called out by certain members of the media for his belief that the Second Amendment is there to protect the First Amendment.

Now, while I agree with some of Think Progress’s conclusion on the outlook, I think Senator Santorum was correct in his sentiments. (Mark your calenders, this may be the beginning of the end!)

I grew up as a Boy Scout (The of America variety). Part of that meant I spent a lot of time studying social civics, and understanding the constitution is a requirement for Citizenship in the Nation. To understand that document, we of course spent some time on its history and the early American politics that spawned it.

We’re talking about men who had very fresh memories of having to fight a bloody war for things they believed in. While many of them were opponents of warfare, they understood it was a possibility, and understood even the government they were trying to build could become a tyranny.

So, while I’m not a gun owner, and likely never will be, I’m very glad there are men and women exercising the specific right to own and bear arms. In this case, it’s hard for me to put my thoughts into words, but Peter van Uhm, the Netherland’s chief of defense, had a wonderful talk at TEDx Amsterdam about why he chose a gun, and he echoes many sentiments I fully agree with.

Of course, without guns, we may never have gotten such nerdy things as a working artillery rail gun!