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From Winning Edits

A great post about Geek Shame from Natasha Lewis Harrison at Gathering Magic.

Since I’ve been in a geekly mood, I’ve collected some interesting things this week. Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa built a Lego version of the International Space Station, while aboard the International Space Station! Further zero-gravity geekery, a California design firm is working on a roller coaster to allow you to experience up to eight seconds of zero-g.

David Gaughran covers the differences between Amazon’s Popularity and Bestseller lists.

A last thought from Roni Loren, who’s fed up with quid pro quo social media behavior. I’ll be completely honest here, if I retweet you, share you here, or on my Google+ stream, you’ve done something right. You don’t need to share my stuff in return. I am, of course, always glad when you do!