Wednesday night, I was introduced to a video from a non-profit group Invisible Children. The video is well put together, well written, and frankly, an amazing piece of work. Thursday night, I was introduced to the controversies surrounding the Kony2012 video and Invisible Children.

Then I was reminded of Occupy.

As some of you may remember, I blogged about Occupy because I believed in the ideals behind the movement, even if we had some frightening stories coming out of the movement.

But while the news continued to report on the ‘flagging’ support of Occupy Wall Street, we saw something interesting happening around it.

Just recently, we had SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. Those protests got direct attention, and reached their stated goal. But has anyone else kept an ear out? Something changed.

The same thing is happening now around this video. While the stated goal may, or may not, be achieved, the combined voices of thousands the world over is changing the conversation. It’s making people more aware of the problems of the world, and producing a debate to find the better solution for each one.

For all the world’s problems, the Internet is proving to be the tool that may help solve them. And that excites me like nothing else.

I’ve only mentioned a few great moments the Internet has created, comment below and tell me your favorite story of how the Internet community is changing the world.