Sometimes, we just need to escape being us. That was this week for me, and April Plummer has volunteered to entertain you in my stead! Without further ado, April Plummer:

This time last year, my company moved into a new building. While it’s awesome that everything’s shiny and new, my favorite thing about this new property is the walking/bike/running trail edging the perimeter. Rather than work through my half hour lunch (yes, we get a whopping 30 minutes – isn’t that fantastic? Sarcasm intended.), now that spring is here, I choose to walk instead.

I can make it around the property twice. Right now, it’s beautiful because the cherry trees are in bloom, and a bunch of other trees and flowers I don’t have names for are budding. Everything’s green, and the sun is warm. Breathing in the rainbow of colors, the fresh air, and the sunshine rejuvinates me in ways that another cup of coffee cannot.

Not April's flats. Used under Creative Commons from Flickr user *maya*

A few days ago, I wore a new pair of flat shoes to work. For those of you who don’t know – I don’t often do flats. I have sneakers for my workouts, flip-flops for the summer, and heels. The higher and more colorful or sparkly the better. But I wanted a pair of flats – as long at they weren’t boring. And these weren’t.

Unfortunately, because I wore flats to work, I didn’t think to change into my sneakers before my walk. I was well on my way down the path before I realized I hadn’t changed. I figured I was already wearing flats, so no big deal. Right? I can walk in flats.

Wrong. These particular adorable shoes dug into the tops of my fat, thick feet until I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided it was better to walk in my bare feet. I yanked off the shoes and continued along the path.

I made it twice around and begun walking back through the parking lot to the front entrance, singing along out loud to the music on my iPod, almost skipping with the joy nature gave me during my 30 minutes outside.

And I stubbed my toe.

It hurt, but I didn’t think it was too bad.

Until I looked down.

And saw a lot of blood.

Fortunately, two co-workers were smoking outside, and I called out and asked them to run in and grab me some band-aids from the first aid kit. I cleaned up and hobbled back inside, wearing my flats.

Except my toes come right to the edge of the shoes. Therefore, my toe hurt so badly I had to limp on the outer edge of my foot. Walking in this unfamiliar position in turn made my leg sore.

As soon as I got home, I clipped the flap of skin that had once covered the end of big toe and wrapped the poor, hurt little soldier in several band aids.

You’d think I would avoid heels until the wound healed.

You’d think wrong.

I don’t know how long it will take for my toe to heal, what with the work-day stilettos and workout sneakers. But I did learn my lesson.

Those prone to clumsiness should not walk without toe protection.

My advice to you? Evaluate your level of ineptitude; choose your shoes appropriately.

April Plummer is an optimistic husband-tamer, energetic child-chaser, enthusiastic bookworm, and a sushi-loving self-published author and lover of words. Visit her on her blog!