So, taking a break from writing fiction in order to try my hand at game design again! I’ve entered a contest on a forum I’m a member of, and have decided to bust out an idea that’s been growing since I went to Unpub2.

At Unpub, I played a game called Dungeon Freakout! The game was a ‘cooperate/competitive’ game in which you attempted to earn points by collecting crystals while killing monsters. It was a cool idea, and made me want to approach the same goal the way I’d deal with it.

In this game, you, and three of your schmuck friends, go digging in the local dungeon to make a name for yourselves. With the castoff weapons of your parents and mentors, you’ll fight monsters, collect treasure, and, if all goes well, survive!

The party must face the various rooms of the dungeon, each with its own effects, traps, and monsters to face. When you kill fabled monsters, obtain legendary weapons, or survive deadly traps you gain honor. After you and your friends defeat the dungeon boss, the player with the most honor wins!

But the dungeon isn’t just waiting idle for you. Another player is the Dungeon Master. The Dungeon Master will do everything in his or her power to defeat the pillaging miscreants. If the party dies, the DM wins.

So it’s obvious, even if turning on your friends to keep them from gaining honor may be better for you in the long run, you may all end up as fresh blood stains on the stone if you don’t work together.

This is a very brief overview of the game, so my question for you: What do you think? This concept sound like fun?

Come back Wednesday, and I’ll discuss exactly what the Dungeon is, and how it functions.

Part 2