As everyone here knows, I am pretty much definition techie. I love technology, gadgets, new software, hardware, and how it all works.

After all, I’m in college for information system technologies, which is a lot of databases and networking (When I’m not in business classes learning what’ll go in those databases).

Part of being into technology is that ever-present danger of saying something that goes right over someone’s head. I’m sure I’ve done it more than once, and I built my Tweetdeck Guide to help mitigate that problem!

When you’re into technology, though, it’s hard to get what it feels like to be completely out of your element when technology is concerned. Then I entered Cyber Quest.

For those who don’t know, Cyber Quest is a technology challenge for students studying computing, and more specifically security. The challenge is a quiz that asks you to analyze various files for inconsistencies, vulnerabilities, and settings on the systems in question.

And to be completely frank, it was like reading Greek. I had an idea of what it was asking, but I had very little idea of what any of it meant. I think I finally understood what it felt like to not understand computers!

What about you: Ever gotten a taste of everything you don’t know about a subject you love?