Something about this world has changed the way we look at it.

Recently, I won a prize for a school challenge I entered. As I’ve explained, I lost the challenge, quite soundly, but I won the drawing for the people who entered. Awesome feeling, except I didn’t believe it at first.

Obviously, my first step was to inspect the email. It came to my legitimate email, so that was a mark for it, and I recognized most of the companies listed in the email. So I read through, and gave my information (Don’t worry, it was just a shipping address!).

Of course, when I told others, they didn’t believe it either. People don’t win the random drawing, or that’s what people seem to believe.

Where did we go wrong that hope is no longer the default mode of thought when it comes to success and good fortune?

My children have been watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and the opening of the movie shows what I’m talking about really well: Until the very end, Charlie and Grandpa Joe hope, even if the odds are heavily against them. Even Grandpa Joe rants about the topic, asking what Charlie has to hope for with the five tickets gone.

Maybe it’s time we remember that not everyone is out to get us, and that sometimes, good things happen.