Last week, I hit upon an idea that isn’t letting go.

It grabbed my attention and now I’m working it out every spare moment, and working the text out in a prewrite, just so I can write a well polished piece out of the image in my head.

Not every idea does this to me, and in fact, a lot of them I have to work until they even seem interesting.

When I was younger, I believed in ‘the muse’ like so many, and it was moments like this that we referenced. Brilliant creativity that just, comes to us. But I’ve learned over the years, it very rarely comes like that, and it’s not always my best ideas that leap fully formed to the page.

And I’m okay with this, now. I’ve learned to chase ideas wherever they come from.

Those ideas that need development I follow long enough to see if there’s something there that holds my interest and speaks to the way I see things, if not, I leave it in a little text file, to be pulled out if it ever does. Those that do get added to the project queue, and eventually get turned into something (though not always what I thought they’d become!)

How about you, readers, how do you get into your creative projects?