So, yesterday, instead of writing, I was geeking out over Eurovision. For the American readers unfamiliar with it, the Eurovision Song Contest is like the European music Olympics. Participating countries each send in an act, Europe votes, and the top score wins. (European readers, please elaborate in the comments as I’m also American and only get to watch from afar.)

Eurovision produces both amazing acts, horrible acts, and things you’re not sure what to think of them.

I learned of the ESC a few years back when I was introduced to a band called Lordi. They’re a Finnish power metal group who performs in full costume as a cast of monsters, including Mister Lordi, himself. This group won Eurovision 2006.

They’re a fun act, and knew how to entertain. If metal isn’t your thing, though, Eurovision has had a number of different acts over the years. Last night I was introduced to another performance from 2006. These guys had a lot of guts, but obviously, it didn’t work out for them.

There’s a lot of wonderful acts, like I said, but there are a couple of questionable ones. Ukraine produced one that makes me laugh, but I’m not sure I can call the performance good. Here, from 2008.

And if you like this stuff, the next semifinals is tomorrow at 3PM Eastern (GMT -5), and you can catch the stream on the Eurovision website.

Do you have something you geek out from another country or continent?