I’ve been working on a new project. And like most of my projects, that bends around into reading the genre its in, talking about its themes and subthemes, and discussing the work semi-covertly on Twitter.

The book I’m reading is Brave New World. (No, I haven’t read it yet. Absolutely scandalous, isn’t it?) I’m not far into it, so not much to say yet. Not sure if the Hatchery is where I would have started the novel had I written it, but different time in writing, and I’ve only just begun!

My project is a dystopian, but I’m playing with themes of familial loyalty and trust, and religion and faith will be major themes throughout the story. Some things you just don’t escape.

While talking about this idea on Twitter, though, I was asked if Dystopian has become the new Vampire. I’m obviously close to the genre right now, but I want to hear from you: Is Dystopian literature the new hip genre? Why or why not?