Are there any series you really, really like? Like hardcore, have followed them for as long as they’ve been out?

I have, for a number of series. I discussed Firefly, and I’m a huge Warehouse 13 fan. I love both series, even if Warehouse 13 had some rough episodes last season.

But I’ve also been hardcore fan of some series I don’t think are as well executed. Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them, but they may have had weak dialogue, or flat characters, or maybe they had some boring stuff.

Here’s the thing: I don’t pass those series on. Even as much as I love them, I love them for reasons that another person likely won’t.

So when you’re pumping up your favorite series, think about what a non-fan is going to see.

I’m going to use a random example from a forum discussion I saw. A user didn’t get Wheel of Time (I’ve never read it), said that the first few books were boring. A fan of the series told them to just read a few more novels, because the first four set up ‘context’ for the real story.

Here’s a hint, true fans: That’s not how you put together a story. I’m not going to spend four novels finding the good stuff, I’m going to go read the book that put the good stuff in the first one.

Here’s an example I have read: The opening of Lord of the Rings is boring. No, really, I had to reread it five times before I finished the trilogy. Tolkien was verbose, and bogged down in details. There’s a great story there, buried under world building details that most readers won’t care about.

While I hated the movies for removing many of these details when it came out (I was an overzealous fan once, too) it was the right choice to focus on the core story.

Do you have an experience with an overzealous fan, or maybe know a series that might have used a little more editing?