I recently discovered a webcomic that has actually lost me sleep over the last few days.

When a heavenly file clerk makes a little mistake, street racer Ash Upton wakes up to find himself a girl. The angel responsible introduces him to Emily, a young woman who lost two years of her life to his misfile, and now the three of them need to get Rumisiel back into heaven where he can fix his mistake.

While the art in Misfile didn’t impress me, I was instantly taken by these characters. The world changed to accept the modifications to Ash and Emily, and they must frequently exam both previous bias and their current identity. A major theme that comes up is Ash trying to understand his position as a young woman, often getting challenged by his new best friend on some of his more misogynistic thought patterns.

One thing I’m impressed with is the very regular ‘scene-sequel’ pattern throughout the story. Major events almost always have an emotional backlash that the character have to deal with in their own ways.

Definitely suggest trying this one out, even if the art style isn’t your thing, the story is pretty good and the creator doesn’t seem afraid to examine some tough topics through this interesting concept.