As a serious member of ‘gamer culture,’ I try to keep up on things that affect gamers as a whole, and specifically, new gamers. As I’m sure everyone can tell, I’m all about expanding my hobby, and bringing in new faces. Unfortunately, there’s a subset of gamers who think that trash talk should include identity references that put a lot of decent people off of the community, often for good.

Recently, though, a number of people are calling attention to the fact that we need to be better people to each other. Extra Credits, a web-show on game design recently took a few minutes to describe some possible solutions to fixing the problem. Go check this out, and if you’re into games in general, they’ve got an awesome show.

After watching that, I felt reinvigorated in trying to improve the community. Thankfully, I caught a tweet from @GeekyLyndsay about a petition called Gamers Against Bigotry. This is pretty self explanatory, but it’s a call to action to raise awareness and convince people to stop using identifiers are part of their trash talk. This is a great addition to the goal of cleaning up gaming culture, and being completely opt-in, it’ll be the community that makes it happen.

So if you consider yourself a gamer, or are just getting interested in the hobby, help us out, go sign the petition at GAB!